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Automatically Clear Elementor Cache and Regenerate CSS

** Updated July 25, 2023 **
Quicklink on the WordPress top bar that can clear the Elementor cache, and regenerate the CSS. This is great so you don’t have to navigate to the Elementor tools to do this. Simply click on the link to clear the cache.

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Elementor CSS Print Method Settings

What Is CSS Print Method in the Elementor Settings? Which Should I Choose?

In Elementor, the “CSS Print Method” refers to the option to control how CSS styles are applied when printing a page created with Elementor. When you print a web page, you might want to adjust the styling to optimize it for the printed format. The CSS Print Method allows you to choose how Elementor handles this adjustment.

Widgets for the Elementor page builder

Remove Unused Elementor Widgets

There are many Elementor Widgets that I don’t use and they just get in the way. Add the code below to a plugin or your Child Theme to unregister some of those pesky widgets.

Elementor CSS Grid
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