Learn how to approach problems like a programmer – in an organized, step-by-step manner. The programming language C will be used to see how core concepts such as algorithms and data structures are used in virtually all languages. Knowing these topics will give a strong foundation for learning other, more modern languages used in web development with a much greater understanding of what makes good code.

Get a basic understanding of how a web page works and start building one yourself! By learning Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, you will have all the necessary tools to create your first website using code. These languages will give a start for understanding both what the back-end and front-end is all about!

Besides continuing to learn more about all the core ideas and tools in web development, you will now obtain a much deeper understanding of how back-end solutions power almost all of the websites that you encounter. Knowing Python and Javascript will allow you to learn about and compare two different but very popular back-end frameworks – Django and Node.js.