Become a UX Designer: design in Figma, build a portfolio, complete an internship, and — with the help of a Career Coach — land a high-paying job in tech!

UX Designers create enjoyable experiences for users interacting with digital tools (like websites or apps). They conduct user research and find elegant solutions, taking into account both user goals and business objectives.

What will I learn?

UX research techniques

Learn about user research methods: determine when they are needed and practice conducting user interviews. Learn to write problem statements and usability surveys, and practice analyzing the data.

How to prioritize

Learn to cluster and prioritize UX features. Determine which features to include in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Learn to select the best research technique based on the project’s goals.

Problem definition & ideation

Use frameworks such as Design Thinking, Competitive Audit, Stakeholders Interview, JTBD, Personas, Affinity Mapping, Brainstorming, User Flow, Storyboards, and Customer Journey Mapping

Prototyping in Figma

Learn to draw low, mid, and high-fidelity wireframes in Figma — the leading UX software. Learn Responsive Design and the foundations of Composition, Colors, Typography, and Grids.


Learn and practice presenting case studies and prototypes to your classmates, instructors, and stakeholders. Learn how to best showcase your resume using website builders so you can stand out.

How to get hired

Learn to build the best resume and LinkedIn profile. Prepare with your Career Coach for answering job interview questions about Presentation, App Critique, Problem Solving, and more!